Noipfraud prices are based on the number of clicks you need & use.

Demo / Trials

We do not have any demo's or trial plans available. But you do have 7 days from signup to request a refund of the membership fee as explained here. The signup fee is non refundable.

Pricing plans

Here are the plans we currently offer. 

  • Pause: $47 a month, freezes your click balance but you can't run traffic
  • Basic: $197 for 50,000 clicks, renews every month
  • Standard: $297 for 150,000 clicks, renews every month
  • Pro: $597 for 600,000 clicks, renews every month
  • Enterprise: $500 for 600,000 clicks, renews every week
  • Mad Volume: $997 for 1,250,000 clicks, renews every 2 days

Signup Fee

When you first join Noipfraud, there is a signup fee in addition to your normal membership fee. 

Signup fee basic plan = $500
Signup fee pro plan = $250

Which clicks are counted?

Blocked clicks are free and are not deducted from your click balance.

What happens to unused clicks at the end of my subscription period?

Unused clicks roll over month to month as long as you are a paying member, and have paid one of our plans within a month.

What happens when I run out of clicks?

If you are about to run out of clicks before your membership renews, we will email you a few days before. 

We have a simple 2 click process for you to get more clicks. It basically works by renewing your subscription early.

Can I change my plan?

If you want to upgrade or downgrade, it's just a simple 2 clicks to confirm the change.

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