Who can refer/invite me?

We only accept invites/referrals from the following:

  • Existing and past members of Noipfraud
  • Top tier Affiliate Networks 
  • Long term members of STM Forum

How do they refer me?

You need to ask your referrer to email us at support@noipfraud.com using the email that we have on file for them. 

In their email to us they need to confirm that you are an experienced online marketer and mention your email address.

If your a long term and active STM member, please PM us on STM (our id there is noipfraud) and make sure you mention your email address.

Can you make an exception for me?

We don't make exceptions. Sorry. 

This is not personal. Our priority is to look after our existing customers first.

If you do not have an invite/referral you can not get access.

Can I show you screenshots of my ad/affiliate accounts to get accepted?

Again we only accept referrals/invites. Screenshots of ad accounts will not help you get access. So please don't send these.

Which affiliate networks can invite me?

If you let us know the networks you run most traffic with, we can let you know if we can accept a referral from them.

Should I pay someone to refer me?

No - never do this. We do not accept referrals from people that charge you.  You will loose your money and no access to Noipfraud.

I don't know anyone. How can I get access?

The only way is to network and become active in there affiliate marketing community. There are plenty of masterminds, forums and conferences where you can get to know other affiliates. Add value to these communities. Over time you will get to know people that can refer you.

After I have been referred, what happens next?

Once we have received a valid referral for you, we will contact you with a link to our application form

The application form contains a few questions about how much traffic you run, the type of traffic, and asks you to agree to our terms of service.

Once you have completed the Application form we will send you a personal link to our sales page, where you can see a demo of our product and select the plan you want to start your account with.

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