Noipfraud is self hosted and we do not know the URL you use to access it.

But if you know and have access to the server you can find the clients you have installed in the following way:

  • Locate the web server document root - this is most likely something like /var/www/html , /usr/share/nginx/html/ , or /home/domain/public_html 
  • If you are not sure, you can always upload a php file with the following content: <?php phpinfo(); ?> and access it in your browser then search the page for document root 
  • Once you know the document root you can either check all the folders within it, or if you have access to SSH / terminal you can use file find as outlined below.
  • Search for a folder named api  or a file named go.php 

How to find your install with terminal

Make sure you are logged in with terminal and SSH, and that you know the document root. In this example I assume its /var/www/html . The following command will search for file named go.php : find ./ -iname go.php | grep "/api/go.php" 

When it lists the files - look for the folder/path name after ./  and before ./api/go.php  (blue lines in screenshot below) 

To login to your client use those folder names in a URL like this:

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